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Surrounded by Legends - The Powell-Peralta Team

Going down the list of former Powell-Peralta team riders is like reading the names in a skateboard encyclopedia: Ray Barbee, inventor of the ollie, Alan Gelfand, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Guy Mariano, Andy McDonald, Colin McKay, Mike Vallely and Danny Way are just a few of the iconic skateboarders to have skated Powell-Peralta boards. The Bones Brigade is absolutely legendary and films such as "The Bones Brigade Video Show" (1984), "The Search for Animal Chin" (1987) and "Propaganda" (1990) are now regarded as timeless classics.

Still in 2017, the Powell-Peralta team has a lot to offer and provides a place for young skaters, exactly as they did back in the day. In addition to legends such as Steve Caballero and Mike McGill, there are many new names like Scott Decenzo, Kevin Hoeffler and Andy Anderson. Keeping to the motto that life and history must go hand in hand.

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